hey bloggers welcome to my blog lets introduce myself my name is Sophia and im 22 years old. i like anime,reading books, to draw and to daydream and music. im a proud autist, ifyou have questions feel free to ask. and im a chatter who likesto ch with others. feel free to ask anything i dont bite and i like to share music fragments i would like to do request as well.

here is a short poem. Whats time you ask. Well time for me is a key. A key that endles doors of opportunitys. Ore door of sadnes. Whats time for me you ask. Just pick the key and open the door and you will find out.

ps: All of the gifs that I use do not belong to me, and read my info before saying somthing to me. I do not inted to

hurt anyone, (pss: my english is not that good, please dont critice me for that.) in other words I dont for pictures to troll artist, I just needs something that fits my character
PSSS: I will but the source for every new character pic,

this is a ask blog as well, you can ask me everything, in annonstyl ore normal.

I like music, if you make music and I like that music I will promote your music on my blog. if you want to rp go to my other blog keyoftime2.

I will also have a music programm called music request where you can send me your request by ask,annon ask and fanmail. dont be shy.